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martha is dead BANNED


The Story Behind Martha

martha is dead BANNED


First of all, because it is quite a bit different from other games. It contains elements that some could describe as horror and others as sexually explicit or even pornographic. One of these things alone would have probably been enough to get us in trouble with Apple or Google Play.


It was 1944, and Mussolini was preparing to flee Italy ahead of the Allied forces’ arrival in the country. This sentence opens up The Story Behind Martha, a dark first-person psychological thriller based off the true story of Italian author Domenico Scarpa’s grandmother and her circle of friends. His grandmother grew up in this period when anti-fascists were thrown into prison and tortured by Mussolini’s army, and when superstition was rife in towns across Italy.


I did a lot of research into Italian culture, superstitions and World War II to learn how to write authentically. I even watched a documentary on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) called The Hour of Daydreams , which helped me understand what it’s like to suffer from PTSD as well as put myself in Eric’s shoes.