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A sim dump Sims 4

A sim dump Sims 4

A sim Dump Looking for a sim dump you have found the right site how to install  check out our website So you want to see what your Sim has, don’t you? Well, you’re in luck because this article will help you with everything from finding your characters on the Sims 4 Gallery to getting their traits and figuring out their aspirations. Make sure to bookmark this article so you can easily find it again next time you need it! Happy Simming!

A sim dump is a text file that lists all the characters in the game along with their traits. This makes it easy to see what traits are most common in the population, which can be useful for players who want to create more realistic or diverse families. It also allows players who use custom content to check what new CC is compatible with their game.

3) How to Get a sim dump

1) Start up The Sims 4.
2) Go to Create A Sim.
3) Press ALT to change the camera angle.
4) Press TAB to open up the console.
5) Type in testingcheats true without quotations.
6) Type in money 999999 without quotations.
7) Press CTRL+SHIFT+C or click on the white box on the top left corner of the screen that says Cheats.


A sim dump

hello i’ve been promising a  for a little while now and here it is. please treat my sims kindly, you can do whatever you please with them but don’t use them for hateful intent obviously. ALL CC IS INCLUDED.

By oxalisim

Looking for a sim dump you have found the right site how to install a sim dump check out our website

Watch this video to see how to import sim dump in your game

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