The sims 4 black Girls Hair cc

The sims 4 black Girls Hair cc

Mariposa Wig by kikovanity

mariposa wig
mariposa wig


The Sims 4 Black Girls Hair Pack was recently released and it’s one of the most diverse packs yet! There are 14 new hairstyles in total, and many of them are unique to this pack! I decided to try them all out and share my opinions with you on each one, as well as show some pictures so you can see what each style looks like

The Sims community has done it again, this time stepping up to the plate to create a mod that will allow black girls in The Sims 4 to finally have more hair options available to them. Since the game launched back in 2014, there’s been quite an uproar from the black community, who felt as though their experiences weren’t represented adequately in game. A few months later, Maxis released new hairstyles and clothing options specifically targeted at black players, but they were still not satisfied with the options available to them.

 hair styles but it doesn’t have all the hairstyles that Black Girls like and wear every day. With the new patch (update) and new expansion packs, Black girls can look like they normally do while playing The Sims 4 !!!! Here are the top 5 things you need to know about playing


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The sims 4 black Girl hair cc

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New Black Girls Hair Sims 4 cc

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Black girl Hair sims 4 cc