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MY MUST HAVE CC FOR THE SIMS 4 Skins Stuck on you  

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MY MUST HAVE CC FOR THE SIMS 4 Skins Stuck on you  

skintones – http://bit.ly/2zDRK0V Ooh Smooth v2 –  

https://bit.ly/2JLcFnt Heihu face overlays –  

http://bit.ly/2LcYqd9 Bright Blends –  

https://bit.ly/2JjlANR Skin details Nose highlighter –  

http://bit.ly/2UnU0CX Show some teeth –  

http://bit.ly/2kowRTA (I changed it to a direct link to skip adfly) Nose masks –  

http://bit.ly/34bp65v Eyes Whisper eyes – 

 https://bit.ly/2trXPKR Meteor eyes – 

 http://bit.ly/2PGglgC September eyes – 

 https://bit.ly/2NAjayp Lashes Kijiko –  

http://bit.ly/32fpOg6 3D lashes –  

http://bit.ly/2kyeR9d (changed it to a direct link to skip adfly) Eyebrows LightDeficient’s brow set –

http://bit.ly/2Lcpj0x Adiec’s brow set –  

http://bit.ly/2zBU5t5 Hair Kim hair – 

 http://bit.ly/2ZoXvPr (simsdom) Next hair – 

 http://bit.ly/30PDnT4 (simsdom) Ariel hair –  

https://bit.ly/2LLFxPM Jess hair – 

 http://bit.ly/2UjKq40 Royal Rumble – 

 http://bit.ly/2MLRaXt Bismuth hair –  

http://bit.ly/2ZuFpvq Clouds hair –  

http://bit.ly/2NH8sVj Maddie hair –  

http://bit.ly/2Ld0oKz Bella bun –  

http://bit.ly/2ZGnb5l Wendy wavy buns – 

 http://bit.ly/2Zq0hnm Makeup Homecoming Palette – 

 http://bit.ly/2PvaBGh CatPlnt eyeliner – 

 http://bit.ly/2PzJwBG Natural wing liner –  

http://bit.ly/2MNUTUm FAVE Lillian blush – 

 http://bit.ly/34eZzrV Flushed blush –  

http://bit.ly/2NJupTU Burt’s Bees lipstick – 

 http://bit.ly/2NNTU6B &  

http://bit.ly/2LhWLBM XL Shine lips – 

 http://bit.ly/2LiUh67 Real lips revisited –  

http://bit.ly/2Le542L Valentines lipstick –  

http://bit.ly/32kAlXc Accessories Headbands – 

 http://bit.ly/2MN3ff5 Deary hat –  

http://bit.ly/2Pu8pyB Pearl hoops – 

 http://bit.ly/2ZBKJZ2 Double pierce earrings – 

 http://bit.ly/2ZIYJjI Round glasses – 

 http://bit.ly/2NLOvN9 Sky necklace –  

http://bit.ly/2ZHJc3H Precious necklace – 

 http://bit.ly/34a4pXz Lovato necklace –  

http://bit.ly/32gYfD5 Tied shirt –  

http://bit.ly/2ZtJK1N Accessory jackets – 

 http://bit.ly/2zCENnV Matte almond nails –  

http://bit.ly/2HB3PbD Tops Cheri top – 

 http://bit.ly/2zIXBBW Flounce tee –  

http://bit.ly/2HCcxq6 Cherry sweater – 

 http://bit.ly/2Pua8UB Boxy jacket –  

http://bit.ly/30OG2MW Bottoms YounZoey summer skirt – 

 http://bit.ly/2zzIVVL Gabbie jeans –  

http://bit.ly/2ZsCH9G Erin jeans –  

http://bit.ly/2zDNhvb Denim skirt –  

http://bit.ly/34hvXtR Outfits Lana dress –  

http://bit.ly/2Zqg4Ta Pippa dress –  

http://bit.ly/2ZnalNY Kate dress –  

http://bit.ly/2HAFz9C Paz dress –  

http://bit.ly/2zDTyqJ Shoes Neroni sneakers – 

 http://bit.ly/2Py7QUJ Eris boots – 

 http://bit.ly/2LaOsJ2 Clover boots –  

http://bit.ly/2Py7Eot Over the knee boots –  

http://bit.ly/30Ji3i2 Classic mules –