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9 Sims 4 Event Mods

Sims 4 Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Event

The Sims 4 by brittpinkiesims. This event mod lets your newly engaged Sim throw a bachelor/bachelorette party, letting you invite private dancers and celebrate your Sim’s engagement by inviting all of her/his friends to a certain venue. This mod also comes packed with new interactions that are only available during the party.

Slumber Party Event

This gameplay mod includes: The ability to throw a slumber party for children! Custom whims for children to “throw a slumber party i wish there was one for teens but there  isn’t 

Girl’s Night Out Custom Social Event

This mod is really fun getting the girls together to catch up on old times meet some boys drink and dance the night away

Meeting new siblings

When a baby into the world, their siblings will try to meet and express love or hate to her/him. I like this but I’m not satisfied that it has only one buff/debuff and no other changes.

So I created this tuning mod and added a relationship change (and notification) when a sim meeting their new little brother/sister.

This mod will conflict with any mods that overrides the following files.

Known issues:
When one of the two sims meeting is not a baby, it will not change the relationship and an error will occur.

This mod is based on version 1.62.67.

Additional Credits:


Pop Punk Pizza Party (Event)

[07/27/21] Updated to work with the current patch. Please re-download!

[11/25/19] *Updated venues to support more venue types including university housing*

[1/18/20] Updated to work with the current patch. Please re-download!

[06/04/20] Updated to work with latest patch. Please re-download!

So while taking a break from working on some other mods I made this event because I missed having a social life. Hopefully you guys like it, and more importantly, that your sims do too. Pull out your khaki shorts, it’s time for a pop punk pizza party!

Movie Night Event

Church Service Event

Main Goal
Hug Church Guests

Eat Church Food
Ask about Day
Chat with Church Guests For 2 Hours
Praise Sim Jesus
Talk about Different Religions
Chat about Bible Verses
Talk about Church Activities
Take a Photo
Compliment a Church Outfit

Salon Makeover Event