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The Sims 4 Black Girls Hair CC

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Urban Sims 4 CC Kids Female Hair Pack

The sims 4 kids hair cc

kids hair sims 4 cc

the sims 4 black hair cc


Urban Kids Sims 4 Hair conversion

Sims 4 black kids hair

Sims 4 Hairstyles

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urban Kids hair conversions sims 4

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The Sims 4 Hair CC
The Sims 4 Hair CC



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What is CC and how can you use it to make your Sims 4 game more entertaining?


The Sims 4 game gives you the ability to create unique characters with unique personalities. It also lets you customize the look of your Sim, from the clothes that they wear to their hairstyle, body shape and skin tone. But what if your Sim is still looking a little too generic? You can change this with custom content, or CC for short.


What is CC (custom content)?

Custom content, or CC, is additional material that modifies or improves upon existing The Sims 4 game content. This includes skins, clothing, hair styles, objects and other forms of visual customization.


Where does CC come from?

In Sims 4, just like other Maxis games, content (CC) creation by modders (modders are people who create content for a game) is an integral part of gameplay. Since sims 3 was released in 2009, a few years before The Sims 4 launched, there’s already thousands of mods out there—and they’re not going anywhere. In fact, many of them have been updated to work on The Sims 4 with hardly any problems at all. Most modders take requests from players; however not all agree on doing so because most of them have full-time jobs as well as creating their own mods.