Candy behr Yuki sisters sims 4 makeover with links

Candy behr Yuki sisters sims 4 makeover with links   Candy Behr, like her sister Yuki, looks great in her default appearance, but she doesn’t…

Candy behr Yuki sisters sims 4 makeover with links


Candy Behr, like her sister Yuki, looks great in her default appearance, but she doesn’t really stand out from the crowd. She’s just one among many pre-made Sims that live in Windenburg, after all. Candy and Yuki can easily be considered twins, both possessing similar hairstyles and the same eye color and facial features. A relatively simple makeover can easily remedy that problem and turn them into two distinct individuals who are still sisters yet have their own unique look and personality traits. Don’t believe me?




Candy Behr is a young adult who lives in Windenburg, with her sister Yuki. As members of Spin Masters, they have access to all of their co-workers’ premium content. Candy is currently living on her own, having moved out of her parents’ house recently. She works as a DJ for local clubs in Windenburg, alongside Joaquin Le Chien and Dominic Fyres. Today we’re showing you how to style her clothing! We’ve customized Candy’s appearance by making minor adjustments to facial features such as nose shape and hair color; however, these features can be changed at any time via CAS (Create A Sim). If you would like to customize your own playable Sim with Candy’s hairstyle, simply download one of our presets here.


There’s no such thing as bad clothes, just bad looks. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money, have gone to fashion school or are willing to spend hours of your day finding new styles that compliment your body type; sometimes you get it wrong. So, before you stick with an outfit for one more minute, ask yourself: Do I like how I look? If not, it’s time to change! Read our ultimate guide on how to dress for your body type for help picking outfits that fit your physique. Even better? Searching Google Images for outfit ideas is a great way to find both celebrity style inspiration and shopping guides.





skin default | eyes | eyelashes | skin overlay (face skin) | eyebrows | hair (V4) | ombre acc | bangs acc | eyeshadow | eyeliner | blush (N72) lipstick (amor) top bottom (piper) | necklace | fishnet acc | lip piercing


skin default | eyes | eyelashes | | eyebag overlay | skin overlay (face skin) | acne scars | eyebrows | nosemask | hair | hairline | eyeliner | lipstick | top (ronnie) | bottom | headphone


Candy loves accessorizing her outfits, so it’s recommended that you upgrade your Sim’s wardrobe with some new clothes before launching into a makeover. However, Candy has a bit of an eclectic taste in fashion, which means there are tons of styles for you to choose from! A vibrant floral pattern over black and white clothing, for example, would fit her personality quite well.


Before Candy’s makeover, she had rather long, blonde hair. It was styled in soft curls with a side parting, also known as an updo. To recreate Candy’s hairstyle, apply a small amount of styling gel to damp hair and then use your fingers to create curls. Finally, curl your fringe upwards for an extra fancy finish! Depending on how curly your hair is, you may want to wear it down instead; if that’s the case, skip curling all together!