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Barbie: Princess Charm School | Barbie Movies Barbie Princess Charm School (2011) Gallery In a faraway kingdom where the most wonderful things happen, Blair is…

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Barbie Princess Charm School (2011) Gallery
In a faraway kingdom where the most wonderful things happen, Blair is a humble girl who must work to support her family, since her mother is ill and her sister is little. Her life will change when she sees on television a contest to enter a school of princesses and she decides to participate. Her request is accepted but some of her colleagues do not agree with her presence because she is a commoner.
The other girls dont want to live with girls who are not princesses. However, Blair doesnt give up and continues taking classes as usual. Everything goes like usual until one day the young boys of the academy blue prince come to visit to the princesses. They put enthusiasm in school and the promise to return for the graduation.
Blair meets the Prince Nicholas, and instantly feels attracted to him. Soon Blairs friends know that behind Blairs life, there is a hidden secret that might change her life, so they begin to investigate and they are in for a big surprise once they finish the investigation. Blair and the school of princesses had never gone through an adventure like this, so youll surely enjoy it.

princess charm school cast

  • Diana Kaarina as Blair Willows/Princess Sophia, a waitress at “Cafe Gardania” who wins a scholarship to Princess Charm School. She is kind, clever, and diligent, but clumsy. It is later revealed that she is Princess Sophia, the long lost princess of Gardania.
  • Morwenna Banks as Alexandra Privet, the headmistress of Princess Charm School.
  • Nicole Oliver as Dame Devin, a vindictive school teacher at Princess Charm School, Delancy’s mother, and sister-in-law of the late Queen Isabella. She attempts to sabotage Blair at every corner, due to recognizing her as Queen Isabella’s lost daughter.
  • Brittney Wilson as Delancy Devin, a student at Princess Charm School, Dame Devin’s daughter, and the heir presumptive of Gardania. Despite her initially spiteful attitude, she chooses to do the right thing when she learns that Blair is the true heir to the throne.
  • Ali Liebert as Princess Hadley, an athletic student at Princess Charm School and one of Blair’s roommates and best friends. Liebert also plays Princess Portia, Delancy’s airhead companion.
  • Shannon Chan-Kent as Princess Isla, a music-loving Japanese student at Princess Charm School and amateur DJ, and one of Blair’s best friends and roommates.
  • Vincent Tong as Prince Nicholas, a prince who attends the neighboring Prince Charming Academy and later befriends Blair.
  • Madeleine Peters as Emily Willows, Blair’s younger sister and Miss Willows’ second adopted daughter who signed up Blair for the Princess Charm School lottery multiple times.
  • Ellen Kennedy as Miss Willows, Blair and Emily’s adoptive mother on whose doorstep Blair was left as a baby after surviving the car crash that killed her birth parents.

Special guest star: *Miranda Ram-Nolte as Princess Miranda