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Sims 4 mod Finds Let’s Get Fit Fanmade Modpack Let’s Get Fit Fanmade Modpack Finally, Me and my friend @hakrabr finished making some gym stuff…

Let’s Get Fit Fanmade Modpack

Finally, Me and my friend @hakrabr finished making some gym stuff like

1. Dumbbells
Dumbbells can be used by adult, gain fitness skill. If you put dumbbell on inventory, you can perform biceps curl and front raise.
2. Barbells
There 3 different barbell on there, you can perform back squat, overhead squat, and sumo high pull.
3. Hex Dumbbell
Sim can perform power snatch using two hex dumbbells.
4. Workout Bench
Gain muscle and fitness skill.
5. Pull Up Bar
Can be used by adult and kids sim, kids sim will be gain motor skill.
6. Exercise on Radio
Remember in sims 3……….? Yes, your sim can exercise on radio again 😀
7. Exerto Punching Bag
New punching bag animation, can be used by adult and child sim.
8. Barbell and dumbbell rack
You can purchase som barbell, dumbbell, toy dumbbell, and toy barbell.
9. Toy Barbell and Toy Dumbbell
Kids sim can pretend workout using toy dumbbell or toy barbell, and gain motor skill.
10. Kettlebell
Gain fitness skill and muscle.
11. Box of jump
Can be used by kids and adult sim, perform this will be make your sim burn calories.
12. Stationary Bikes
If you play sims 2, you know this object, sim using this object will be burn some calories.

Everyday Clutter Kits Object Become Functional

Everyday Clutter Kits Object Become Functional

I see there cool stuff in this kits, but sadly these awesome object only decor. So, I interested make these object become functional like activity set and small thermos.

List object become functional
– Activity set, you can purchase kettlebell and exercise mattress, using this object make sim gain fitness skill, also kids sim can exercise on mattress.
– Small thermos, sim can drink protein shake from this object and gain hunger need and receive energized buff.

– You need everyday clutter kits because these object from this kits and default replacement. If you don’t have this pack, object will not appear.
– If you want more fitness stuff, you can download my collab modpack in here. Also for my collab modpack, some stuff are base game and created by my friend hakrarb.

Add sexual orientation compatible like sim will be reject if you try romantic to other sim with not their romantic interest, like example, you flirt aromantic sim and then, they reject you instantly. Or female sim try using this interaction to male gay sim, of course he will reject her instantly because he not interested with women and prefer her to be his friends 😉

Update Hotfix of Public Npcc Paulson Mod

After in polling people choose “keep I share update of this mod” Ok. I will share this hotfix. Before use this mod try delete thumbnail cache at the sims 4 folder document. Also if paulson aksed me for he ready update his mod like make compatible with high school year such like he already will add option assign teacher, principal, janitor, and cafetaria worker at school. I will delete this post


Tumbling Tots Co / Active Daycare Career by ItsKatato


Mods Folder For Better Game Play


Cottage Living Phone Booth and Finchwick Buildings Become Functional

When june and july 2021, I watch cottage living trailer and I think this phone booth can be used, After the pack release, the phone booth just decorative only. And finally, I can make this phone booth from decor into functional, sim can chat, chat with and kids sim love prank at phone booth, but adult sim can prank on phone booth too, if they have goofball and childish trait. Not only red phone booth, some Finchwick buildings are just decor too, the interaction only one like “windows shop”. But I turn Finchwick building more usefull like sim can purcashe many items. Like buy nifty knitting clothes (if you have the pack), Buy sim session T-shirt, buy some foods, and purchase crystall, voodoo dolls, and Purchase upgrade parts. I hope you like and sorry for my english writte, still learning. Sims 4 mod Finds

For phone Booth
– This is default replacement, before install this, you must delete localthumbcache at the sims 4 document folder
– There 3 interaction like chat, chat with, and make prank a call
– Can be used by adult sim and kids sim
– Gain social and fun motive
– If using “chat with”, Gain friendship with specific sim

For Finchwick buildings
– Village Shops Clothing, not only windows shop and change outfits,

now you can purchase sims session T-shirt and Nifty knitting clothes (if you have this SP)
– Village Shops Housewares, not only windows shop, I added sim can purchase voodoo doll, purchase crystall, and upgrade parts
– Village Shops Bakery, You can purchase cottage living food like pies, milk bread, and more. Sims 4 mod Finds

Sometimes, my sims always fail when interrogate criminals sims, after fail, the bar meter will be lose. So, I made this mod since 2018 on MTS site, but I update on patreon now.


I hope this mod can reduce boring when play sims 4 🤣. You can prank any NPC sims do you want 🤣. Sorry for my english write, I’m still learning 🙂

List Addition
– Infected, causing npc sims possessed by mother plant.
– Pee self, this make sim instant pee than bladder epidemic.
– Magical Repulsiveness, this curse from realm of magic, usually sims always rejected when they tried using social interaction.

This mod require get to work, realm of magic, and strangerville

Credits, sims4studio and s4Animtool by thepancake1

More Kisses Mod

ou can find it under the PieMenu Category, More Kisses.

Sims 4 mod Finds

It took me some months to figure out how to even get animations to play in the game and it’s great that I now know how to do it. I am super excited to dive more into custom in-game animations because the game should have more! I don’t know how to create good kissing animations yet,

so I have talented animators to thank for this.

I also need to learn a few more things to get the animation to work smoothly, but I will be learning and improving as time goes on to give you guys the best possible work.