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Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses (2006) Images pics

Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses

Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses

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Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses (2006) Images

Genevieve the protagonist of this story, lives with her father, a widower king and her 11 sisters, all of them messy and noisy, but happy and united by the same passion: dancing. A humble shoemaker visits the palace every day and makes the best dance shoes that no one ever could have done for the girls, but the best and most beautiful shoes are always for Genevieve.


A kind King from a very faraway place lives happily with his twelve beautiful daughters they are all gentile ladies with dreams and illusion united by a great passion dancing; their names are: Ashlin, Blair, Delia, Edelina, Fallon, Genevieve, Hadley, Isla, Janessa, Kathleen, Lacy and Courtney.

The twelve princesses are unorganized and loud, however one of them Genevieve is more down to earth than all of them and loving with her father, she is the one that helps her father put order ,but her sister pay no attention to her and dance and dance.

It is precisely in dancing and music business that this story takes place to show us that there is now power that can destroy our dreams if we are united. We can accomplish everything we want.

Our beautiful Genevieve is in love with a humble young man a shoemaker named Derek, that constantly delivers shoes to the twelve princesses; Derek is also secretly in love with Genevieve and he makes the most beautiful pair of shoes for her; neither of them has the courage to say anything about their feelings because they fear to be rejected.

The King is worried about his daughters behavior and since his wife died , he decide to ask his cousin The Duchess Rowena to help him educate the princesses ; the Duchess agrees and travel to the palace but she doesn’t have good intentions.

Rowena wants to become the Queen and this is a great opportunity, if she is able to get rid of her cousin and wins the princesses trust. So she plans to poison the King and make the princess life impossible by not letting them sing or dance, telling them it’s for the best because they must have discipline.

The King begins to get sick, the princesses are very sad and they find a little comfort, by telling each other their mothers favorite story, the one she used to tell them when they were little; it was a story about a magical kingdom where golden flowers could make your wishes come true, and princesses could dance in an enchanted ball room as long as they wanted.

The next morning the princesses` shoes were all worn out and the Duchess couldn’t understand what was happing and that made her furious, because they are not doing as she has ordered so she decides to spy on them and find out what is going on.

Derek visits the castle that night and since he can’t find the princesses he decide to look for them in their room, he begins to dance just like he has seen Genevieve dance he is able to enter the magical world where the twelve princesses are! Rowena who has been spying on them is also able to get in to the magical world; she then steels some of the golden flowers that make wishes come true.


Rowena returns to the castle and destroys the entrance to the magical kingdom and she thinks she has put an end to the princesses she asks to be named the Queen and her request is accepted.

The twelve princesses know that the only way to return to the palace is if Genevieve dances together so they are all able to go back to the castle and face Rowena, and thanks to the magical powers of the golden flowers they are able to make Rowena dance for eternity and never return to their kingdom.

























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